Larry Love's story has been told many times by newspapers, outdoor publications and scientific journals. He has been called fish talker, fish locator, fish communicator, and ichthyo-psychologist. Around Lake Washington, near Glen Allan, MS though, we all know him as:

      Larry Love is the sole practitioner of a science he calls "translocution", that is the ability to communicate across species barriers. He is able to "talk" to fish, getting them to perform unbelievably suicidal acts at his command.

      Larry Love prepares his translocutors, devices of his own invention cleverly disguised as cheap cell phones. First he carefully "dials" the fishes' number and then tosses one tied to an oversized plastic flotation device overboard.

      Love immediately begins whispering inaudibly into the translocutor. The results are instantaneous and unbelievable as this incredible unretouched photograph clearly documents.
      "You can't sweet talk these fish." says Love. "You have to make them mad. Fish are sensitive, and they have a temper. I talk about their evolution. They never learned to walk on land, so I guess I'm talking bad about their mothers mostly."

      Larry practices his science year round. The results are always the same. I asked him why he never puts the translocutor to his ear to hear what the fish are saying back.
      "Fish can't talk," says Love.

      In another dramatic unretouched photo, Larry Love is knocked flat by a "slab" to the head. Somehow he still manages to hold onto his translocutor, the loss of which would result in a "dropped whisper".